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Lokalna turistična organizacija Bovec
Turistično informacijski center
Trg golobarskih žrtev 8
SI - 5230 Bovec
tel.: +386 (0)5 384 1919
fax: +386 (0)5 389 6445

The river Soča thunders its mighty symphony in Bovec. Situated along an ancient road through the Soča valley, Bovec is famous for the decisive first-world-war battles fought in the surrounding mountains.

Local guides will be happy to show you the old battlefields. Bovec is also a world-famous centre for white-water rafting, fishing and mountain-climbing. In summer there is the sports airfield and various parachute-related sports; in winter Mt Kanin offers wonderful skiing. Bovec is a town with a long tradition of tourism.

Every trek into the mountains around Bovec is an act which only acquires its true significance later - when we return to our everyday occupations and in our hearts thank the mountains for the strength they have given us, for the spiritual renewal and for the impressions which remain with us all our lives.

The wonderful valleys - Trenta, Lepena, Zadnjica, Loška Koritnica - are among the last surviving oases of unspoilt nature.

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