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Triglav National Park

Triglavski narodni park
(Triglav National Park)
Kidričeva 2
SI - 4260 Bled
tel.: +386 (0)4 578 0200
fax: +386 (0)4 578 0201


Dom Trenta
Information center of the Triglav National Park
Na Logu v Trenti
SI - 5232 Soča
tel., fax:
+386 (0)5 388 9330

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For the Slovenes, the Triglav National Park is a supreme example of natural and cultural heritage. It is also one of the oldest national parks in Europe. Not only that, it is a gallery of uncommonly beautiful images, an open-air museum and a refuge for restless spirits seeking harmony with themselves in harmony with nature. The excellence and professionalism of the enthusiasts who run the park conserve for us the originality of nature and the cultural landscape and ensure the co-existence of nature and modern man.

The Triglav National Park is the pride of the tourist region of the Julian Alps. It is the only national park in Slovenia. The park was conceived in as long ago as 1906 and originally centred on the area of the Triglav lakes. In 1981 the park was enlarged. It now covers an area of 83,807 hectares and includes practically the whole of the Slovene Julian Alps. The highest point of the park is the peak of Mt Triglav (2864 metres), the highest mountain in Slovenia, from which the park takes its name; the lowest point is in the Tolminka gorges (180 metres). The unique natural and cultural heritage of this area of Slovenia is fully contained within the borders of the Triglav National Park.

The Triglav National Park Act regulates protection of the park at two levels. In the central area priority is given to nature protection. This area is also given over to research, education and visits. In the outer area, where people live and work, greater emphasis is placed on protection of the cultural landscape and encouraging close-to-nature management and activities typical of the area.

Pri jezeru   Lyrurus tetrix   Potentilla nitida   Bohinj

Rules of behaviour:

  • Littering or depositing waste is not permitted in the Triglav National Park. All rubbish must be taken to the designated municipal rubbish collection points.
  • Fires and barbecues are only permitted in designated areas.
  • Cars and caravans may only be parked in designated parking areas.
  • Camping is only permitted at campsites. Organised camps, climbers' camps and similar may also be permitted with the explicit permission of the Triglav National Park.
  • In the Triglav National Park mountain flora (protected or otherwise) is to be admired, not picked.
  • Nothing must be taken from the park and nothing left in it.
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